Record Type Selection panel

The Record Type Selection panel is displayed when on the Extract Options panel you select:
  • "Foreground" for the Template create execution mode.
  • The Edit extract template option.

It allows you to edit and then save the template that the Extract dialog creates for the Extract file.

For information on the panel fields and functionality, see the description for the Record Type Selection panel in the User's Guide and Reference.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Record Type Selection panel
  Process   Options   Help
 FM/IMS                      Record Type Selection                  Line 1 of 6

 Processing Option:    Template for segmented data
 Cmd SIE Field Name                                       Prompt   Offset Length
         ****  Top of data  ****
     SI  HEADER_DYNAMIC                                                 0     57
     SI  HEADER1_STATIC                                                 0     84
     SI  HEADER2_STATIC                                                 0     72
     SI  A05D_A05SEG1_A05D_ROOT_SEGM                                    0     95
     SI  A05D_A05SEG2_A05D_LEV2_SEGM                                    0    102
     SI  A05D_A05SEG3_A05D_LEV3_SEGM                                    0     79
         ****  End of data  ****

 Command ===>                                                       Scroll PAGE
  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F5=RFind     F6=RunTemp
  F7=Up        F8=Down      F9=Swap     F12=Cancel

Parent panels

Child panels

  • Field Selection/Edit panel. See User's Guide and Reference for details.