Logical Relationship Information panel

The RELATED command provides information about the logical relationships that are defined for the current database.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Logical Relationship Information panel
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 FM/IMS                 Logical Relationship Information

                     Related   Related        Key       I D R
 Database  Segment   Database  Segment    Start Length  Rules     Relationship
 DJ1E      SHIRE                              1     20  LLL,LAST
           SHIRENP                                      LLL,LAST
           LINKSUB   DJ2E      INSHIRE        1     18            VIRT LOG CHILD
 DJ2E      SUBURB                             1     18  LLL,LAST
           LINKSTR   DJ3E      INSUB          1     28            VIRT LOG CHILD
           NSTREET                            1     30  LLL,LAST
           INSHIRE   DJ1E      LINKSUB        1     20  LLL,LAST  REAL LOG CHILD
           LETRBOX                            1      4  LLL,LAST

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  F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
The name of the current database and, when the current database is a physical database, the names of the logically related databases.
The names of the segments in the listed databases.
Related Database
The name of the database containing the related segment (see below).
Related Segment
For physical databases, the name of the logical parent of the segment. This field is blank if the segment is not a logical child.

For logical databases, the names of the physical segments that comprise the logical segment. For concatenated segments, two segment names are listed. A 'K' appearing after the segment indicates that the KEY operand was specified on the SOURCE= parameter of the SEGM statement. The absence of a 'K' indicates that the DATA operand was specified.

Key Start
The starting position of the segment's key field.
Key Length
The length of the segment's key field.
IDR Rules
The insert, delete and replace rules for the segment. FIRST, HERE and LAST indicate the insert position rules.
Whether the segment is a real logical child or a virtual logical child.
real logical child segment
virtual logical child segment

Parent panels

Child panels

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