About this document

This document provides guidance and reference information for users of IBM® File Manager for z/OS® IMS Component.

File Manager for z/OS® contains four flavors of File Manager, for working in different environments or with different data formats:
  • IMS Component (described in this document) for working with IMS data
  • File Manager Base component for working with IAM data sets, QSAM data sets, VSAM data sets or PDS members
  • Db2 Component for working with Db2® data
  • FM/CICS for working with CICS® resources.
This document describes only the IMS Component. For more information about the File Manager Base component, Db2, and CICS components, see these documents:
  • File Manager User’s Guide and Reference for IMS Data
  • File Manager User’s Guide and Reference for DB2 Data
  • File Manager User’s Guide and Reference for CICS

In the rest of this document, the term FM/IMS refers to the File Manager IMS Component.

This document is divided into two parts:

Part 1. Working with FM/IMS
This part describes the tasks that you can undertake using FM/IMS. The emphasis is on step-by-step procedures. This part also describes the concepts of FM/IMS.
Part 2. Reference
This part provides detailed reference information for the elements of FM/IMS.

It provides a lookup reference for FM/IMS panels, commands, and functions.

These documents are:

  • Panels and fields: Lists the FM/IMS panels, provides a definition for each field in the panel and, where applicable, lists the value ranges that are valid for each field.
  • Commands: Lists the Primary and Line commands and gives a brief description of its syntax, usage and equivalent function.
  • Functions: Lists the FM/IMS functions and gives a description of its syntax, usage and available parameters.

The Appendix is made up of the File Manager IMS Messages, and provides the full text explanation of all FM/IMS batch error messages.