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IBM® Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems Common Components and ADFz Common Components are used by Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS, z/OS Debugger, Fault Analyzer for z/OS, File Manager for z/OS. The main purposes of ADFz Common Components are to establish connections to ADFz servers and to distribute common features that are shared among ADFz plug-ins.
Use IBM® Fault Analyzer to diagnose application failures without interpreting low-level system dumps and error messages. Because Fault Analyzer collects real-time diagnostics in the context of the application environment, it can make it easier to debug the root cause of abends.
IBM® File Manager for z/OS® works with IBM® Z system data files to provide flexible, user-friendly tools for enhanced file processing when working with z/OS data sets, Db2®, CICS®, IMS™ or WebSphere® MQ data. File Manager brings with it the standard browse, edit, copy, batch and print utilities of the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) so that developers may work with their structured data more efficiently.
IBM® DevOps Test products are a suite of testing products that provide functional, integration, and performance testing and service virtualization capabilities in your application development environment. By using IBM DevOps Test products you can automate and run tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner.