Messages issued by FM/IMS have a unique alphanumeric identifier with the format:
Is equal to I or B.
Is an alphabetic character.
Is a 3-digit number.

When the message is issued by a batch function, the identifier is printed in front of the text of the message.

When the message is issued by an online function, the identifier is not displayed with the message. However, you can obtain the identifier of a message by typing MSGID on the command line and pressing Enter. This command causes the message identifier of the last message issued to be displayed on your screen.

Many of the online messages comprise a short message and long message. The short message is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the panel. The long message is only displayed if you press the F1 key when the short message is displayed.

In this section, selected messages with the format FMNIannn are listed in alphanumeric order. For details about messages with the format FMNBannn, see the chapter "File Manager messages" in the File Manager User's Guide and Reference.

For each message, the information provided comprises:

  • The message identifier.
  • The text of the message.
  • An explanation of the message.
  • The required user response.

When the message comprises a short message and a long message, the text of the two messages is separated by a hyphen. Messages can contain one or more variables. Variables are preceded by an ampersand (&).