Copybook Library List panel

The Copybook Library List panel is displayed in the Template dialog (option 4.1) and in the Template Update Utility dialog (option 4.4).

On the panel, you specify the names of the copybook libraries that contain the copybooks that you want the function to use.

Template dialog

The panel is displayed in the Template dialog when you specify a nonexistent member on the Template Entry panel, or when you issue the LIBLIST command on the Template Specification panel.

The function searches the specified libraries for the layout members you specify on the Template Specification panel.

The Copybook library list you specify is saved in the template and is used for subsequent updates.

When you issue the LIBLIST command, the panel displays the Copybook library list that is currently saved in your template.

Template Update Utility dialog

The panel is displayed in the Template Update Utility dialog when you select the Specify library data sets option on the Template Update Utility panel.

When this option is selected, the utility uses the layout members in the specified copybook libraries to build the template (rather than the layout members in the copybook libraries referenced in the template). To avoid update errors, you must ensure that all the layout members referenced in all the templates selected are available in the libraries you specify. If the update using the specified copybook libraries is successful, the utility changes the copybook library list in the template to the specified library list.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Copybook Library List panel
  Process   Options   Help
 FM/IMS                      Copybook Library List

 Copybook Library:

 Data set name 1 'FMN.REGTEST.IMS.COPYLIB.COBOL'                                
               2 'FMN.REGTEST.IMS.COPYLIB.PLI'                                  
               3 'SSAND.$RETAIN.SOURCE'                                         

 Command ===>                                                                   
  F1=Help    F2=Split   F3=Exit    F9=Swap   F12=Cancel
Data set name
One to twelve libraries that must be all PDS(E)s, all CARMA, or all Panvalet libraries, containing the copybooks that describe the segment layouts of the databases whose templates you are creating or updating.

The function searches the libraries in the order in which they are specified.

You can leave early lines blank. For example, you can enter a data set name in line 3, but not in line 1 or line 2. However, you must enter at least one data set name, on one of the lines.

Parent panels

Child panels

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