Advanced Member Selection panel

The Advanced Member Selection panel is displayed when:
  • The Advanced member selection option is selected on the View Update Utility, Template Update Utility, or the Criteria Set Update Utility panel.

This is a selection panel where you can refine the search for the modules you want to update.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Advanced Member Selection panel
 Process   Options   Help
File Manager              Advanced Member Selection

Select members from:  FMN.IMS.IVP.VIEW

   Member name  . . . . .             or range from:
   (or mask)                                     to:

Using ISPF Statistics criteria:

   Updated by . . . . . .             or range from:
   (User id or mask)                             to:

   Date created . . . . .             or range from:
   (YYYY/MM/DD or mask)                          to:

   Date modified  . . . .             or range from:
   (YYYY/MM/DD or mask)                          to:

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 F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
Member name (or mask)
Specify a pattern to rename members in the output partitioned data set based upon the member names in the input partitioned data set. A member name pattern can consist of any characters that are valid in a member name and two special pattern characters: the asterisk (*) and the percent sign (%).
A place-holding character that means multiple characters with no change. Only one asterisk should appear in the mask. Any subsequent asterisk characters are treated as percent signs. For example, if you enter ABC* the renamed members all begin with ABC followed by the remainder of the old member name.
A place-holding character that means a single character with no change. As many percent symbols as necessary may appear anywhere in a member name. For example, if you enter %%%A* the first 3 characters of the renamed members remain unchanged, the fourth character is replaced with the letter 'A', and the remainder of the old member name is unchanged.
range from / to
Specify from and to inclusive of names you want to select. If you specify the from name as A and the to name as D* then you will list all names that start with an 'A' through to 'D' inclusive.
Using ISPF statistics criteria
Specify a pattern, a name or a range for Userid, Date created or Date modified.

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