Segment Layout Selection panel

The Segment Layout Selection panel is displayed when a segment type is selected for editing on the Database Positioning panel, Segment Selection panel or Template Specification panel and multiple layouts have been specified for the segment type.

On this panel you can:

  • Specify the segment layout you want to edit
  • Modify the offset value
  • View the layout lengths and expression indicator

This panel displays a list of the layouts that have been specified for the segment type.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Segment Layout Selection panel
 Process   Options   Help
 FM/IMS         Criteria : Segment Layout Selection                 Line 1 of 3

 Criteria New
 Segment  SHIRE

 Cmd SIE Segment layout name                              Prompt   Offset Length
         ****  Top of data  ****
     SI  SHIRE                                                          0     53
     SI  SHIRE-TOWN                                                     0     53
     SI  SHIRE-CITY                                                     0     53
         ****  End of data  ****

 Command ===>                                                       Scroll CSR 
  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F5=RFind     F6=Describe
  F7=Up        F8=Down      F9=Swap     F12=Cancel
The name of the data set containing the criteria set or view being edited. This field name changes according to the function in use and is not displayed when editing a template.
The name of the partitioned data set that holds the underlying template.
Displays the FM/IMS subset identifier. Description text for the subset may be entered or modified. Applicable to the Criteria : Segment Layout Selection panel only.
The name of the segment type selected for editing.
Prefix command area - used to enter a template editor prefix command. You can type prefix commands in multiple Cmd fields and then execute all the commands in one action, by pressing Enter. Line commands available on this panel are:
Toggles the selection of a segment layout for processing.

Deselecting a segment layout affects the entire criteria set. If you deselect a segment layout in a subset, then segments of that type and that layout are not processed.

Even when a segment type is deselected, its field selection criteria are still used to determine whether hierarchically related segments are processed.

Display the Segment Layout panel, so that you can edit field selection and expression criteria.
Select/Identification/Expression column.
Note: On the Template Specification panel, this column contains “S? only, as templates do not hold identification or selection criteria.
Indicates that the segment layout has been selected for processing.
Indicates that a segment identification expression has been defined for the segment layout.
Indicates that a segment selection expression has been defined for the segment layout.
Segment layout name
The level-01 item name.
Indicates when the segment layout has been edited within the current session.
Displays the current offset for each segment type. You can overtype the value in this column to change the offset for each segment layout, or you can enter the OFFSET primary command to change the offset value for one or more layouts.
The length of the field. For a level-01 field with a layout of variable-length, the length shown is the maximum length of the layout.

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