Set COBOL Processing Options panel

The Set COBOL Processing Options panel is displayed when you select option 2 from the Set Language and Compiler Specifications menu.

The panel allows you to specify:
  • Selected COBOL compiler options that FM/IMS uses when it builds templates from COBOL copybooks.
  • Up to 5 pseudo-text character strings that you want replaced in your COBOL copybooks.
  • The replacement pseudo-text character strings for the character strings you want replaced.
  • The maximum return code that FM/IMS accepts from the COBOL compiler when building a template.

Enter the RESET command to reset all the options on the panel to the installation defaults.

Enter the EXIT command (F3) to exit the panel saving the changes you have made.

Enter the CANCEL command (F12) to exit the panel without saving the changes you have made.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Set COBOL Processing Options panel
 Process   Options   Help
FM/IMS                   Set COBOL Processing Options

 COBOL Replacing Options:
    From string                       To string
 1.                                by
 2.                                by
 3.                                by
 4.                                by
 5.                                by

 COBOL Compiler Options:
    Enter "/" to select option
      DBCS                            Decimal-point is comma
      Arith(extend)                   Mixed case field names
  Additional options ___________________________________________________________

    Maximum Return Code to be accepted from compiler  04  (0-99)

Command ===>
 F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F7=Backward  F8=Forward
 F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
COBOL Replacing Options
From and To pseudo-text character strings for the REPLACING phrase of the COPY compiler-directing statement.

If your COBOL copybooks contain characters that you want to remove or replace with other characters before compiling the copybooks into templates, then use these replacing options.

For example, if your copybooks contain text that you want to change before compiling, then specify ==INREC== as a From string and ==AUDIT-RECORD== as the matching To string.

For details on specifying From and To strings for COPY REPLACING, see the IBM COBOL Language Reference.

COBOL Compiler Options
Compiler options to be used when compiling COBOL copybooks into a template:
If selected, use the DBCS compiler option. Otherwise, use NODBCS.
Decimal-point is comma
Uses the "Decimal-point is comma" SPECIAL-NAMES paragraph when compiling COBOL copybooks.
Uses the Arith(extend) COBOL compile option when compiling COBOL copybooks.
Mixed case field names
Retains the original case of the field name as coded in the COBOL copybook.
Additional options
Additional COBOL compiler options which are added via the CBL statement when a COBOL compile is run to build or update a template. These options are validated during the compile process. To avoid compile errors ensure that the syntax is correct and that any additional data sets required by these options are allocated before invoking File Manager.
Maximum Return Code
Sets the maximum warning/error code accepted from the compiler, when compiling a copybook. Any code higher than specified causes File Manager to display a pop-up panel, in which you can review the compilation and decide about future processing.

For details on the effect of these compiler options, see the IBM COBOL Programming Guide for OS/390 & VM.

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