Specifies that File Manager will, when accessing COBOL copybooks, PL/I include books, or HLASM copybooks, attempt the access via an I/O subsystem using the DFSMSdfp SUBSYS=xxxx allocation parameter.

This access is only available to copybooks and include books that exist in data sets controlled by the LMS. Data set organizations of BDAM, VSAM, and PS (sequential) are supported.

This facility is used to access copybooks or include books in OEM library management system data sets.

Specify xxxx as provided by your library management system vendor.

Note: You cannot specify LMSUBSYS=xxxx if you have specified LMS=PANVALET, since you cannot specify a combination of LMS and LMSUBSYS that equates to using CA-Panvalet with another LMS that provides a SUBSYS interface.