Customizing miscellaneous options in FMN4POPT

Miscellaneous processing options are supplied with File Manager in the module FMN4POPT. This options module supports the following keywords:

1 REPOS=template.repostry.dsn
Where template.repostry.dsn is the name of the template repository file that is defined using File Manager ISPF option 7.7.1.

1 CERTRUST=keystore-pattern

Specifies the trust key store for File Manager remote services certificate validation. File Manager remote services connects to remote systems using the ADFzCC server . When the common server is configured for SSL/TLS, the local File Manager system validates the certificate of the remote host server by verifying that the Certificate Authority (CA) of the certificate is registered as trusted in the key store(s) specified by the keystore-pattern. Consequently, the keystore-pattern identifies one or more key stores that contain relevant CA certificates of all remote servers.

The keystore-pattern identifies the key store owner and the key store name, separated by a forward slash (/). For example:
The keystore-pattern can include asterisks (*) as wild cards. The maximum length you can specify for the value of the CERTRUST keyword is 246 bytes. CERTRUST is optional. If omitted, the default pattern used is CERTRUST=*SITE*/*.

Changing the default options

You can find the FMN4POPI macro statement in FMN.SFMNSAM1(FMN4POPT). Change the options as follows:

  1. Copy the member FMN4POPT from FMN.SFMNSAM1 into your own source library.
  2. Change the default options in your copy of the FMN4POPT member as required.
  3. Modify the FMN4UMDP member in FMN.SFMNSAM1 to meet your site's requirements. Refer to the usermod for information about changes you might need to make.
  4. Install SMP/E usermod FMN4UMDP.
Note: You can also use the sample job FMN4POPH to assemble FMN4POPT if you do not want to use SMP/E.