2.1 language
Specifies the language for File Manager batch message text. The possible values depend on which translated message texts you installed. For information on installing translated messages for the various File Manager components, see the relevant chapter on customizing for national languages. See also the following notes.
Messages will appear in English.
Messages will appear in the language of your choice.
  1. See Keyword values for the LANGUAGE option to determine what value to use for language for your requirements.
  2. Specifying a language here only affects batch processing. The language used by File Manager under ISPF depends on the language setting for your ISPF session.

    However, FM/Db2 also uses the value of language to determine the data module to use when displaying Db2® catalog table information. See OP34MOD for more information.

  3. If you specify a language other than English, you must also customize the translation tables, the message modules, and (in some cases) the ISPF messages for your chosen language. See Customizing File Manager for national languages, or Customizing FM/Db2 for national languages, or Customizing FM/IMS for national languages, or Customizing FM/CICS for national languages, for information about customizing for national languages.
  4. Specifying LANGUAGE=language, causes the relevant language translate tables and message tables to be loaded for batch processing.
  5. You must specify LANGUAGE=JAPANESE (or another DBCS-capable language) to print DBCS characters in batch.
  6. You must specify LANGUAGE=JAPANESE (or another DBCS-capable language) for batch processing, if you want to use the FMT function, and field type of DB, to describe COBOL or PL/I Graphic fields.