About this document

These topics provide information needed to plan for, customize, maintain, and diagnose problems with IBM® File Manager for z/OS®.

File Manager comprises four components:
  • File Manager base function
  • IBM® File Manager for z/OS® Db2® component (FM/Db2)
  • IBM® File Manager for z/OS® IMS component (FM/IMS)
  • IBM® File Manager for z/OS® CICS® component (FM/CICS)

To install and use FM/Db2, FM/IMS, or FM/CICS, you must first install the same version of File Manager base function. You cannot use FM/Db2, FM/IMS, or FM/CICS with any other version of File Manager. You can install any of FM/Db2, FM/IMS, and FM/CICS in any order, at any time after you have installed File Manager base function.

This book is divided into five sections:

You will need to read Part 1. Read Parts 2 to 4 if you intend to install that component.

If you intend to use FM/CICS with the ADFzCC server , or intend to use the File Manager plug-in for Eclipse, you will need to read Customizing the ADFzCC server.

Parts 1 to 4 are further divided into chapters describing the preparation for customizing File Manager and its components, and for customizing File Manager, its components and the operating environment. The last chapter in each section describes how to verify your installation and customization.

This book also provides information needed to customize the Japanese language versions of File Manager and the FM/Db2, FM/IMS, and FM/CICS components.

Unless otherwise stated, the information provided in this book refers to the English versions of File Manager, FM/Db2, FM/IMS, and FM/CICS.

Before you read this book, read the File Manager Program Directory.