IBM® File Manager plug-in for Eclipse

IBM® File Manager plug-in for Eclipse, when used with an Eclipse-based platform such as IBM® Explorer for z/OS® or IBM® Developer for z/OS, provides easy access through a graphical user interface (GUI) on the workstation to the power of File Manager for z/OS®.

The GUI provides a workstation alternative to the z/OS® ISPF interface. With this interface, existing application developers and system programmers may experience productivity gains over the traditional "green screen" interface. The interface can also lower the learning curve for new z/OS® developers, making them proficient quicker by providing a GUI interface to the z/OS® tool that is potentially easier and more familiar for new developers to use.

The File Manager plug-in, when integrated with File Manager for z/OS® and the Eclipse-based platform, provides a set of tools for manipulating and browsing data stored in various z/OS® resources including data sets, CICS® resources, UNIX System Services files, DB2® databases and tables, and IBM® WebSphere® MQ queues. The File Manager plug-in supports these usage scenarios:
  • Manipulation and browsing of data using the File Manager editor. The editor provides three different views of data:
    • Character display (text-based representation of data).
    • Formatted/table display using a template.
    • Single display using a template (focused on the display of fields defined in a single record).
  • Creation, modification, and updating of File Manager templates:
    • Create templates from COBOL, PL/I, and HLASM copybooks.
    • Create dynamic templates on the fly (if you do not have a copybook to describe your data).
  • Use of wizards to access utility functions to:
    • Allocate, delete, and rename data sets.
    • Copy, compare, and create data in resources, including z/OS® data sets, WebSphere® Message Queues, CICS® resources, and USS files.
    • View load modules.
    • Manipulation of data stored in DB2® tables.
    • Edit and view of DB2® tables.
    • Use of wizards to Create, Copy, Export, Import, Print data, and so on.