Customizing the ADFzCC server

These topics describe how to customize the ADFzCC server .

Do this after you have installed File Manager if you plan to use either:
  • CICS via the ADFzCC server to access CICS resources.
  • File Manager Service Provider for z/OS® Connect.
  • The Eclipse client plug-in to invoke File Manager (in Eclipse, CICS Explorer®, or IBM® Developer for z/OS® (IDz)).

This server runs a z/OS® UNIX process that will listen for a connection request on a specific port. The server can be started manually or during IPL by execution of a customized procedure.

When a user runs the FM transaction using the FM/CICS interface or uses the Eclipse plug-in, a connection request will be received by the server from the client. The server will then verify the credentials of the client (user ID and password, or passphrase) and if valid, create a new FM process for that user. The user ID of the newly created process will be changed to that of the client and all further communication will occur between the client and the newly created FM process using TCP/IP. The server will then wait for another connection request from a new client.