DPRINT primary command

The DPRINT primary command prints the data in the database segments that are available to the browse or edit session. The output for the data print function is determined by the current settings of the print options.


1 DPRint
1! 1
1 number
Print the segment at the current position.
Print all segments from the current position in the database to the end of the database.
Print the next number of segments from the current position in the database.

The format of the printed output is determined by the current display format:

Segments are printed in character mode.
Segments are printed in three lines.
The SET DUMP option determines how the data is printed. The value ACROSS produces a system dump format. The value UPDOWN produces a File Manager/IMS HEX format with a character line over two hexadecimal lines.
FM/IMS prints the segments in columns with field or heading names as column headers and the data formatted according to the field types. The display might be truncated in this format depending on the current print width.
The left hand side of the printout contains the field or header names. The right hands side contains the field values formatted according to the field type.

If a view is associated with the database, the segment selection criteria are applied when selecting the segments to be printed.

DPRINT takes no account of whether the current panel is zoomed or not. So if you are displaying a zoomed TABL format, which is the same as a zoomed SNGL format, DPRINT still prints using the TABL format. Nor does DPRINT take into account the current SHOW (SHOW (REC) primary command) settings, which means that the DPRINT output might include segments not currently displayed on the IMS data panel.

When the format is TABL or SNGL, DPRINT uses view information to format and include or exclude fields.


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