FMAP primary command

The FMAP command can be used to edit or view a field in a record using another template. If the field being mapped is shorter than the template mapping a warning message is issued when data is changed and any data which is beyond the end of the mapped field is ignored. The data type of the field being mapped is ignored.

The record containing the field to be mapped must be at the top of the screen or the cursor may be positioned on the record when the FMAP command is issued. The record must be a selected record.

If the field identification parameter is not specified and the cursor is positioned on a field that field is used. Otherwise a Field List Selection panel is displayed.

If the template name is no specified a panel is displayed where this information can be supplied.


Figure 1. Syntax

1 field#
1 field_name
2?  template_name
The reference number of the field to be mapped.
The name of the field to be mapped. The name may be qualified.
The name of the template to be used to map the field. A partially or fully qualified data set name together with the member name can be specified.


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