BOTTOM primary command

On the IMS Data panel, when using CHAR, HEX, LHEX or TABL display modes, the BOTTOM primary command scrolls to the last segment in the database (or, if you are using a view, the last selected segment in the database). In other panels, where the display exceeds one screen height, the BOTTOM command scrolls to the bottom of the current panel. You can abbreviate the BOTTOM command.


1 Bottom

In Edit or Browse multi-segment display modes (CHAR, HEX, LEX or TABL), this might move the sliding window. That is, if you enter the TOP command to move to the top of the sliding window, then you enter the BOTTOM command, then you enter TOP again, the top of the sliding window might no longer be at the same segment as before.


  • On all panels where the display exceeds one page.

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