Print (IPR)

Prints either all the segments in an IMS database, or only those segments selected by the view you specify. You can choose to print the segments in CHAR, HEX, SNGL or TABL format (similar to the display formats in the FM/IMS editor under ISPF).
Usage notes
The Print JCL generated by FM/IMS has the following flows.
Figure 1. Flows for Print (IPR) step
This diagram shows the inputs to and outputs from the Print (IPR) function. The inputs are FMN1JIN, FMNIMSIN, and IMS database data sets. The output is SYSPRINT and REPORT.
Points to the FM/IMS skeleton library. This DD statement is only used when you are printing data from HALDB databases.
Contains the control statements for the Print. These control statements are discussed below.
IMS database data sets
In DLI mode, FM/IMS includes DDs for each of the IMS database data sets associated with the IMS database being printed. If the database has logical relationships, the data sets for the logically related databases need to be included.
Defines the output data set for:
  • The messages that the Print issues.
  • The printed IMS segments.
Defines the output data set for the Database Print Summary and Database Print Statistics Report.