Tape Update (option 4.3)

Use Tape Update to make interactive changes to tape blocks in a tape file, while copying it to another tape. (The data on the input tape remains unchanged.) At any time, both tapes are positioned at the same block within the file. When you end Tape Update, the remaining data (up to the limit of files specified) is copied.

To update a tape block, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Tape Update (option 4.3). The Tape Update panel shown in Figure 1 is displayed.
    Figure 1. Tape Update panel
     Process   Options   Help
     File Manager                     Tape Update
     Tapes:  No tapes allocated
        DDNAME to use . ________     enter new name, or select one from above
        DDNAME to use . ________     enter new name, or select one from above
        Tape mode . . . __           optional recording mode or density code
        Files . . . . . 1____        number of files or EOV
     Command ===> _________________________________________________________________
     F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F7=Backward  F8=Forward
     F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel

  2. Select the first block that you want to update. Either move the cursor to the block, or use any of the positioning options that are available in Tape Positioning Functions (option 4.15).
  3. Press the Zoom function key (F2). This gives you a detailed view of the selected record.
  4. Update the block in any of these ways:
    • Overtype the length field with a new record length.
    • Overtype the existing text with new text.
    • Enter a column number in the Col field, and use the GET or COPY command to overwrite data in the block, starting at the specified column.

      For the GET command, the data that you previously copied to the buffer with the PUT command is written. For the COPY command, you specify the columns of the current block that you want to copy.

      For example, if the value in the Col field is 5 and you enter COPY 10-12, the data in columns 10 to 12 replaces the data that was previously in columns 5 to 7. If you enter COPY 10, the character in column 10 replaces the character that was previously in column 5.

  5. Use the Exit function key (F3) to save your changes or press the Cancel function key (F12) to discard the changes. A log of your changes is printed. You can select another block to update or leave the function.