Redefines criteria

Redefines criteria can be specified for a field with a REDEFINES clause, or a field that is the target of a REDEFINES clause.

The selection of fields (see Table 1) that map the same area can then be controlled using the redefines criteria.

Table 1. Selection behavior for redefines fields
Function description Behavior
Edit or View Formatted The Editor option Redefined fields will be selected when you run with a template that contains redefines criteria. The option will only persist if you return to the entry panel and navigate to the respective editor option panel from the Options pull-down menu. Otherwise it reverts the original value.
Edit or View Format SNGL Only selected fields will appear.
Edit or View Format TABL Fields that are not selected will be protected and blank.
Compare New fields that are not selected will not take part in comparisons.

A change will be recognized if the from field is not selected and the corresponding new field is selected.

Copy with an input and output template If the from field is not selected, then the corresponding to field will not be processed.

If a new field maps part of a redefined area, it will only be initialized if the mapped from fields for the corresponding area of the input record are selected.

  • For PL/I, UNION is equivalent to REDEFINES.
  • For Assembler, File Manager interprets fields that map the same area as redefines in the resultant template layouts.