Enhanced ISPF: Reference List, Search, Change, and PDSE Workbench

File Manager provides several enhancements to the basic facilities that are available in an ISPF session: Enhanced Reference List, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Change, and PDSE Workbench.

The Enhanced Reference List provides an easy method to set up personal or global reference lists for data set and resource names that are commonly used with ISPF or File Manager utilities.

The Enhanced Search facility provides a sequential search of z/OS® resources. The tool supports scanning any combination of PDS, PDSE, VSAM, Non VSAM, HFS, CICS® resources, and WebSphere MQ queues. Once a search report is produced the user can navigate directly into the data in a view or edit session at the hit locations. Recursive scanning can then be performed with the touch of a key.

The Enhanced Change facility is like Enhanced Search with the addition of a replace feature.

Use PDSE Workbench to manage members of all PDS and PDSE data sets, including member generations.