Tape Label Display (option 4.8)

If a tape is labeled (or if you want to find out if it is labeled) use Tape Label Display (option 4.8) to print the tape labels. This lets you determine the volume serial number of the tape, or determine which data sets are on the tape.

When you select Tape Label Display (option 4.8), the Tape Label Display panel shown in Figure 1 is displayed.
Figure 1. Tape Label Display panel
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 File Manager                  Tape Label Display

 Tapes:  No tapes allocated

    DDNAME to use . ________     enter new name, or select one from above
    Label printout  LONG_        specify SHORT to only print VOL1 and
                                 first HDR label set

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You can use Tape Label Display even if you do not have access to the data on the tape, because only the tape labels are read. To mount and process tapes with unknown volsers and labels, the Tape Label Display turns on BLP internally. If your installation does not allow BLP usage but File Manager is running APF-authorized, File Manager forces BLP for this function; for security reasons, the tape is freed (unallocated) when Tape Label Display ends.

Figure 2 shows an example of the default output from Tape Label Display. You can also request a shorter report that lists only the VOL1 label and the header labels for the first data set.
Figure 2. A tape label summary: output from Tape Label Display
IBM File Manager for z/OS                                                           6/09/2000 (2000.161) 12:59  Page 1
* * * * Device 0580, TAPEIN, VOLSER=0GB220, 9 Track, 1600-BPI,  Ring=in                                        * * * *
      VOL1 label =           VOL10GB220                               GA2972A
Data set 0001                1...5...10...15...20...25...30...35...40...45...50...55...60...65...70...75...80
      HDR1 label =           HDR1FMNUSER.TEST.FILE 0GB22000010001     0001470000000000000IBM OS/VS 370
      HDR2 label =           HDR2V327600008440FMNUSER /ISPFPROC    B  800000
               * Tape mark
               *            1 data block(s) skipped
               * Tape mark
      EOF1 label =           EOF1FMNUSER.TEST.FILE 0GB22000010001     0001470000000000001IBM OS/VS 370
      EOF2 label =           EOF2V327600008440FMNUSER /ISPFPROC    B  800000
               * Tape mark
               * Tape mark
End of volume (double tape mark) reached, label summary follows
Label summary for volume 0GB220:
      Data Set Name        Blocks BLKSIZE LRECL RECFM Created Expires Security
   1  FMNUSER.TEST.FILE         1   32760    84   VB  2000147             NO

For further information, refer to the online help or TLB (Tape Label Display).