Specifying the number of tape files to process

Several File Manager tape options let you specify the number of tape files that you want to work with.
  • You can accept the default (to process one tape file).
  • You can specify a number of tape files from 1 to 99 999.
  • With some tape options, you can specify EOV to process all files until the end-of-volume (double tape mark or EOV label).
  • With Tape to Tape (option 4.2.1), you can specify EOT to copy until the physical end-of-tape. Continuation volumes are not requested.
  • With some options, you can specify EOD to process all files until a specified delimiter is encountered. First, use the EOD entry field on the Set Processing Options (option 0) panel to set an EOD delimiter, then use a tape option with EOD as the number of files.

Some tapes (such as program installation tapes) may have multiple tape marks between files. To make sure that all files are processed or to process input tapes beyond the end-of-volume, specify EOD or a number greater than the number of files on the tape. To prevent a tape from running off the reel, File Manager stops if it encounters a data check after a tape mark. If reading records does not produce a data check, File Manager processes all records until the physical end of the tape is reached.