Exported Stacked Volumes (ESVs)

In this document, movement of logical volumes (and the data they contain) out of a Virtual Tape Server (VTS) is referred to as ‘export’, and movement of logical volumes into a VTS is referred to as ‘import’. A physical volume managed by a VTS that contains logical volumes that can be removed from the VTS is referred to as an ‘Exported Stacked Volume’.

Other terms used in this document in discussions about using File Manager options with Exported Stacked Volumes are:

Internal Stacked Volume. A volume internal to a VTS used to archive logical volumes when the raid array is full. This volume is not in the same format as an Exported Stacked Volume.

logical volume. A tape volume created in a VTS. A logical volume may be physically on raid array in the VTS, on an Internal Stacked Volume, or on an Exported Stacked Volume. The logical volume is equivalent to a physical tape volume in a non-VTS environment.