Exported Stacked Volume List (option 4.14)

When you select Exported Stacked Volume List, the Exported Stacked Volume List panel shown in Figure 1 is displayed.
Figure 1. Exported Stacked Volume List panel
 Process   Options   Help
 File Manager             Exported Stacked Volume List

 Tapes:  No tapes allocated

    DDNAME to use .________      enter new name, or select one from above
    Type of listing SHORT        enter LONG to list logical volume details
    Logical vols(s)___________________________________
                                 For LONG, enter logical volume(s)
                                 to be listed
    Logical start . 0___         enter logical start volume
    Logical end . . 0___         enter logical end volume

 Command ===> ___________________________________________________________________
 F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F7=Backward  F8=Forward
 F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel

Exported Stacked Volume List prints the table of contents (TOC) from an Exported Stacked Volume.

File Manager first verifies that the volume loaded was created by the VTS export function. it then forward-spaces the volume to the table of contents and prints a listing of the table of contents. The sequence printed is the same as the sequence of the logical volumes on the Exported Stacked Volume.

You can obtain a more detailed list of the table of contents by entering LONG in the Type of listing entry field. The LONG listing type shows standard label header and trailer information, and the location of tape marks.

For further information, refer to the online help or EVL (Exported Stacked Volume List).