Customizing the ADFzCC server

This chapter provides you with instructions on how to customize the ADFzCC server . In brief, this consists of the following general checklist:

  • APF authorize the SIPVMODA library
  • Add programs in SIPVMODA to program control
  • Add user for server started task
  • Add task to STARTED class
  • Add sample IPVSRV1 to system procedure library
  • Permit server user/group to BPX.SERVER facility
  • Permit server user/group to CSF* profiles (if used)
  • Permit connecting users/groups to OMVSAPPL or an equivalent resource (if used).
  • Update sample IPVCONFG
  • Create matching WORKDIR by running job IPVMKDIR
  • Review address space timeout settings
  • Configure the TCP/IP stack affinity