For the IPVLANG utilities, you can specify installation-wide default options in the IPVCNF00 parmlib configuration member.

You can create a member IPVCNF00 in SYS1.PARMLIB, or any other data set that is part of the logical parmlib concatenation.
Note: If not providing general READ access to data sets in the logical parmlib concatenation, then an IPVOPTLM configuration-options module can be used to specify an alternative data set, as explained in Using an IPVOPTLM configuration-options module.

If you do not specify an option, then it takes either the product default (as indicated on the syntax diagram for each option), or has no value at all.

Options that are specified in the IPVCNF00 parmlib configuration member are subject to these syntax rules:
  • Only columns 1 - 71 are processed.
  • Options can be specified anywhere in a line. They do not have to start in column 1.
  • You can use a blank or a comma as a delimiter.
  • Options can be continued across any number of lines
  • Options specifications are not case-sensitive—all options are converted to uppercase.
  • Comments are permitted anywhere and can be nested. The characters /* identify the beginning of a comment, and */ identify the end.