Maintaining ADFz Common Components

Take the following steps to apply maintenance to ADFz Common Components:
  1. If ADFzCC SMP/E target libraries are in LINKLIST, remove them from LLA and VLF control before you perform the SMP/E APPLY. The removal is to avoid errors when modules are loaded from LINKLIST because SMP/E compressed or added extents to the libraries.
  2. Perform SMP/E APPLY.
  3. If the updated ADFzCC modules are in LPA, do one of the following actions:
    • IPL with CLPA
    • Perform dynamic updates as follows:
      • If the IPVLANGX module is placed in LPA by using the command SETPROG, which is opposed to placing IPV.SIPVLPA1 in LPA, take the following actions:
        1. Issue the following command:

          For complete information about the command SETPROG, see MVS System Commands.

        2. Issue the following command:
          F LLA,REFRESH
        3. Optional: To add the IPVLANGX module to LPA and regain the region size space advantage, issue the following command:
      • If IPV.SIPVLPA1 is included in your LPALIST, issue the following command: