IPVLANGX, IPVLANGP, and IPVLANGO provide utility programs that undertake various functions.

Currently, the following products use one or more of these utilities:

  • Fault Analyzer for z/OS®
  • z/OS® Debugger
  • Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS® (APA)

Here is more information about each utility:

A utility program that converts a compiler listing, or SYSADATA file, to a special format ADFz side file, in the remainder of this document referred to as a LANGX side file, or simply a LANGX file. A LANGX side file is typically a lot smaller in size than a compiler listing. (See IPVLANGX compiler listing to side file conversion utility for details.)
A utility program that creates a readable listing from a LANGX side file, a SYSDEBUG side file generated by using the COBOL or PL/I TEST(SEPARATE) option, or a COBOL program object containing DWARF debugging information generated by the TEST(SOURCE) option (see IPVLANGP side file formatting utility for details).

This listing might be useful if side files, rather than compiler listings, are kept in order to conserve DASD space. The utility program is able to format the side file in a way that resembles the original compiler listing.

IPVLANGP also supports the setting of z/OS® Debugger Deferred Breakpoints.

A utility program used to create new LANGX side files to support the Automatic Binary Optimizer (see IPVLANGO Automatic Binary Optimizer LANGX file update utility for details).