Updating your build process

If one or more ADFz products were recently installed on your system, the program build processes might not have been updated yet. Updating build processes is an important and necessary part of implementing the ADFz family of products.

In many organizations there is clear ownership of these build processes. In other organizations, it might not be obvious who makes the changes. Many sites use standard compilation processes or PROCs that your system administrators maintain and have updated to prepare programs for the ADFz family of products. In this case, find out what processes have been made available and how to use them. In other organizations, developers maintain their own compilation JCL or PROCs to compile programs. In this case, update your own compilation JCL to prepare your programs for use with ADFz products as described below.

Start by researching what is required for each compiler individually. For example, the changes that are required for Enterprise COBOL for z/OS®, Enterprise PL/I for z/OS®, C/C++ and Assembler are all slightly different.

In general, there are three changes that might be needed to enable compiler JCL to produce programs that can be used by ADFz products:
  1. Specify compiler options that are required by the ADFz family of products.
  2. Code the JCL to produce and save the source information files that ADFz products need. Newer compilers can generate the required source information files directly. Some older compilers require an extra step in the compilation job to run a special utility program that produces the needed file.
  3. In certain environments, it is advantageous to include a special z/OS® Debugger module into the application load module during the link-edit step. In most cases this special module is optional, but it can simplify starting z/OS® Debugger for certain types of programs. For certain older compilers running in certain environments, you must include a special module to enable z/OS® Debugger.