Verifying the customization of FM/Db2

After you have completed all the necessary steps to install and customize FM/Db2, you can perform the following steps to verify your customization.

  1. Use the FM/Db2 Edit/Execute SQL (Data Set) function to execute sample DDL. This creates a small database that is used in subsequent IVP steps.
  2. Run a batch job to execute the Db2® CHECK DATA utility against the Db2® objects in the FM/Db2 IVP database.
  3. Use the FM/Db2 Db2® Utilities function to generate and run a job to take an image copy of the Db2® objects in the FM/Db2 IVP database.
  4. Use the FM/Db2 editor to display and modify data in the FM/Db2 IVP tables.
  5. Use the FM/Db2 Basic SELECT Prototyping function to create and execute a simple join of the tables in the FM/Db2 IVP database.
  6. Use the FM/Db2 Copy utility function to copy data from one IVP table to another.
  7. Use the FM/Db2 Export utility function to copy the data in one of the FM/Db2 IVP tables to a sequential data set.
  8. Use the FM/Db2 Import utility function to copy the sequential data set (created in step 7) into a File Manager/Db2 IVP table.
  9. Use the FM/Db2 Object list utility function to display information about the FM/Db2 IVP database and objects.
To review the customization and verification steps, refer to: