Managing Db2® privileges

Use the Privileges utility function to display, grant, and revoke Db2® privileges.

To perform these functions, you use the Manage Db2® Privileges panel.

The available functions for managing Db2® privileges are shown in Privilege functions.
Table 1. Privilege functions

This table has three columns.

Privilege Type Grant Revoke
Database Yes Yes
Table space Yes Yes
Table/View Yes Yes
Column Yes No1
Plan Yes Yes
Package Yes Yes
Collection Yes Yes
Schema Yes Yes
Distinct type Yes Yes
Function Yes Yes
Stored procedure Yes Yes

To display the Manage Db2® Privileges panel,

  1. From the Primary Option Menu panel, enter 3 (Utilities) to display the Utility Functions panel.
  2. From the Utility Functions panel, enter 5 (Privileges)

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1 You cannot revoke privileges on specific columns. You must revoke the appropriate table privileges.