About this document

This document provides guidance and reference information for users of File Manager for z/OS® Db2® component (FM/Db2).

This document consists of three parts:
Part 1. Working with FM/Db2
Introduces key concepts and provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform tasks using the FM/Db2 panels under ISPF. The information is presented in a task-based format, with panel and command definitions provided when they are relevant to the current task. For a complete description of a particular panel or command, refer to the appropriate chapter in Part 2 FM/Db2 reference.

Part 1 can be used both as a learning tool for new users and as a way to quickly find specific task instructions.

Part 2. FM/Db2 reference
Provides a lookup reference for FM/Db2 panels and commands. The information is presented in two chapters:
  • FM/Db2 panels and fields: Lists the FM/Db2 panels, alphabetically by panel title. For each listed panel, cross-references are provided to one or more parent panels (the panels from which you can reach the panel in question) and also, if applicable, cross-references to any child panels (the panels you can reach from this panel). For several of the panels, there is a definition for each field in the panel including, where applicable, the value ranges that are valid for each field.
  • FM/Db2 commands: Lists the primary commands you can use with FM/Db2, including a description of their syntax and usage.

Both new and experienced users of FM/Db2 can use Part 2 to quickly look up such things as the exact syntax of a command or the acceptable values for a field in a panel.

Part 3. Appendix
FM/Db2 messages, provides the full text explanation of all FM/Db2 batch error messages. The support information tells you about IBM Web sites that can help you answer questions and solve problems.
File Manager for z/OS® contains four flavors of File Manager:
  • FM/Db2 component for working with Db2® data.
  • File Manager Base component for working with data sets and PDS members, Websphere MQ queues, and HFS files.
  • FM/IMS component for working with IMS data.
  • FM/CICS for working with CICS® resources.
This document describes only the FM/Db2 component. For information about the File Manager Base component, FM/IMS, and FM/CICS components, see these books:
  • File Manager User’s Guide and Reference
  • File Manager for z/OS User’s Guide and Reference for IMS Data
  • File Manager for z/OS User’s Guide and Reference for CICS