National characters

File Manager uses the national characters shown in National characters.
Table 1. National characters

This table has three columns, except for the final row, "Note:", which spans all three columns.

Character Hexadecimal value Displayed as, in code pages 37 and 500
Dollar sign X'5B' $
Pound sign X'7B' #
At sign X'7C' @
  1. The dollar sign ($) and the pound sign (#) have special syntactical meaning in File Manager syntax.
  2. The at sign (@) is the default value used for the Null column input indicator.
  3. In countries using code pages other than 37 and 500:
    1. The dollar sign ($), pound sign (#), and at sign (@) as represented on terminal keyboards might generate a different hexadecimal representation, and this might cause an error or unwanted results. For example, in some countries the $ character might generate a X'4A'.
    2. The hexadecimal values in National characters might display as different characters to those shown.
When you enter File Manager commands in batch or online, use the keyboard characters that correspond to the hexadecimal values shown in National characters.