Working with lists of Db2® objects

If you want to look at a group of Db2® objects, you can use the Object List utility (3.4) to list or print the objects in which you're interested.

You can use the Object List utility to specify:
  • Whether you want the list of objects displayed or printed.
  • The type of object you want listed or printed.
  • Criteria to restrict the objects listed or printed.
  • Options to apply when processing the listed objects.

To display the Object List Utility panel,

  1. From the Primary Option Menu panel, enter 3 (Utilities) to display the Utility Functions panel.
  2. From the Utility Functions panel, enter 4 (Object List)

Now that you have the Object List Utility panel displayed, you can start specifying the sorts of Db2® objects you want to display or print.

  1. One of the options available at the time of installing FM/Db2 allows for views on Db2® catalog tables to be created for those tables accessed by FM/Db2. The set of views includes only those columns within the tables that are needed by FM/Db2.

    If this option has been used at installation, it may affect the results obtained when you use the Object List utility. When FM/Db2 accesses a view, it shows only the columns of the view, rather than the columns of the table. If there are fewer columns in the view than the underlying table, the information displayed is incomplete.

  2. The system option, Show all catalog table columns, affects which columns FM/Db2 displays when you use the Object List utility.

    When you select this option, any display of catalog table information includes every available column, including any columns marked as "unused" or "internal use only" in the DB2 for z/OS SQL Reference.

    The default for this option is not selected. Selecting this option overrides any settings for the Show "unused" catalog table columns and Show "internal use only" catalog table columns options.

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