Migrating from V13.1 to V14.1

This section provides information about changes to Fault Analyzer version 14.1 that you should be aware of if migrating from version 13.1.
  • Specify a suitable pattern for naming extended minidump data sets in the XDUMPDSN option in the IDIOPTLM configuration-options module. For details, see Specifying the extended minidump data set name pattern (XDUMPDSN).
  • If you are using the IDIXDLOC function of the IDIXUFMT load module Formatting user exit to access large amounts of virtual storage there is a risk of exhausting all available storage, resulting in abnormal termination of the analysis. To prevent that from happening, change all usage of IDIXDLOC to IDIXXLOC instead. For details of the IDIXXLOC function, see IDIXXLOC – Locate dump storage using own buffering.