Migrating from V11.1 to V12.1

This section provides information about changes to Fault Analyzer version 12.1 that you should be aware of if migrating from version 11.1.
  • ADFz Common Components must be installed in order for Fault Analyzer to provide source level support when using compiler listings or SYSADATA files.
  • As BookManager® softcopy books are no longer shipped with Fault Analyzer, the Help > Fault Analyzer User's Guide and Reference action bar option has been removed.
  • The following user exit data area fields have been removed:
    • UFM.NUM_FPREGS (use UFM.FPREG0 through UFM.FPREG15 instead)
    • UFM.FPREG_DATA_ADDRESS (use UFM.FPREG0 through UFM.FPREG15 instead)