Migrating from V12.1 to V13.1

This section provides information about changes to Fault Analyzer version 13.1 that you should be aware of if migrating from version 12.1.
  • The following Fault Analyzer SMP/E ++USERMODs are no longer available:

    These have been replaced by equivalent settings in the IDIOPTLM configuration-options module. For details, see Customize Fault Analyzer by using an IDIOPTLM configuration-options module.

  • If the Fault Analyzer IDIOPTLM configuration-options module is currently used to specify an alternative data set name for IDICNFxx, the ADFz Common Components IPVOPTLM configuration-options module might also be required. Otherwise, security server access violations might occur. For more information, see Specifying an alternative parmlib data set for IDICNFxx (CNFDSN).
  • The Fault Analyzer Locale option locale-name can now alternatively be specified in the ADFz Common Components IPVCNF00 parmlib member. For more information, see Locale.
  • The HistCols and InteractiveExitPromptSeconds options have been deprecated and replaced by the FAISPFopts option. For details, see FAISPFopts.
  • The MVS post-dump exit IDIXTSEL is no longer an optional installation item. It is required to support additional Fault Analyzer functions, such as Java fault capture. For details, see Checklist for installing and customizing Fault Analyzer.
  • Java dump capture requires access to the IDI_SDUMP_ACCESS XFACILIT profile. For details, see Invoking Fault Analyzer from a Java try-catch block.
  • It is a requirement for CICS® open TCB users to include the Fault Analyzer IDIPLT program in the CICS® startup PLT. For details, see Adding the required programs to the startup PLT.
  • The UseIDISTime option has been deprecated and is now always in effect. For details, see UseIDISTime.
  • The Fault Analyzer plug-in for Eclipse is no longer provided as member IDIGUIP in data set IDI.SIDIDOC2. However, the plug-in is still available via the web, as explained in Installing the IBM Fault Analyzer plug-in for Eclipse.
  • Changes have been made to the IDIXFXIT user exit parameter list:
    • The sixth parameter was previously a pointer to the fault entry ID for which the exit was invoked. Now, the sixth parameter is the address of an HD segment data area, which includes not only the fault entry ID, but also various other information that is related to the fault entry.
    • The security server user and default group ID, provided as the second and third parameters, are now always those of the exit caller, whereas previously they were at times obtained from the fault entry itself. Note that the HD segment data area now pointed to by the sixth parameter includes the fault entry creator security server user and default group ID information, when available.

    For details, see Using the IDIXFXIT user exit.

  • The current value in ENV.VERSION has changed to 0005. This is due to ENV.FORMATTING_EXIT having changed from always specifying 'C' for a CICS® transaction fault, to now specifying 'C' if Fault Analyzer was invoked via the XPCABND exit or 'D' if invoked via the XDUREQ exit.