Migrating from V6.1 to V7.1

This section provides information about changes to Fault Analyzer version 7.1 that you should be aware of if migrating from an earlier version.
  • Prior to version 7, only the first available user exit specified using the Exits (see Exits) or DumpRegistrationExits (see DumpRegistrationExits) options would be invoked. Now, all exits specified are attempted invoked.

    Review all specifications of Exits or DumpRegistrationExits options to ensure that correct processing occurs if all specified exits are invoked.

  • The following user exit data area fields are no longer available:

      Use the Quiet option instead (for details, see Quiet).


      Either use the NoDup(Normal(…)) option (for details, see NoDup), or control the designation of duplicate faults using an End Processing user exit instead.


      Either use the MaxMinidumpPages option (for details, see MaxMinidumpPages), or control the writing of the minidump using an End Processing user exit instead.


      Use EPC.SUPPRESS_DUMP instead.


      Use ENV.FAULT_ID instead.


      Use the Quiet option instead (for details, see Quiet).


      Use the Quiet option instead (for details, see Quiet).

    Review all user exits for any usage of these fields.
  • Normal duplicate detection has been enabled by default.

    If normal duplicate detection is not already enabled using the NoDup(Normal(…)) option, and it is not desired, then it is necessary to add a NoDup(Normal(0)) option to the IDICNF00 parmlib member.

  • The ability to suppress all information-level messages using the Quiet option without any suboptions specified has been removed, due to issues with messages being inadvertently suppressed.

    If the Quiet option is currently specified without any suboptions, then it is necessary to explicitly specify any messages that should be suppressed, regardless of severity level.

  • Minidumps in fault entries created with Fault Analyzer version 7 are not accessible to versions of Fault Analyzer prior to version 6. It might not be possible to reanalyze fault entries created with Fault Analyzer version 7 on versions prior to version 6.
  • The DeferredReport option has been enabled for CICS® by default.
    If you did not previously specify the DeferredReport option, and the DeferredReport option should not be in effect for CICS®, then it is necessary to override the default. One possible way to do this is by adding the following option to your IDICNF00 parmlib member, of an IDIOPTS user options file that is used by the CICS® region:

    For details about changes to this option, see DeferredReport.

  • The NoDup suboption of the RetainDump option is no longer supported.

    This suboption was replaced by the NoDup option (see NoDup) with APAR PQ53139 for Fault Analyzer version 2.1. Since then, specification of RetainDump(Auto,NoDup) was supported for backwards compatibility only. Specification of NoDup(Normal(24)) is the equivalent of the no longer supported RetainDump(Auto,NoDup) option.

  • CICS® users must ensure that the IDI.SIDIAUTH data set is added to the DFHRPL concatenation.

    Previously, IDI.SIDIMOD1 was required, but due to load modules having been moved, IDI.SIDIAUTH is now required instead.

  • CICS® users migrating from a version of Fault Analyzer prior to version 6.1 with APAR PK21990 (June 2006), must ensure that a shutdown PLT entry is added to their CICS® regions. For details, see Adding the required programs to the shutdown PLT.