Printing a CICS resource

To display one of the Print Entry panels, select option 2 ("Print") from the FM/CICS Utility panel.

You can use the FM/CICS Print utility to print a CICS resource in a selected format. Data can be printed by record or by field if a template or copybook has been provided. Records can be selected for printing using the start key (VSAM only), skip and print count fields and a conditional expression defined in the template provided. The output for the Print function is controlled by the SET options.

The following restrictions apply when printing a CICS resource:
  • CICS files: only VSAM files with read and browse access are supported.
  • CICS extrapartition queues must be INPUT.
Note: After printing a intrapartition queue you are prompted to restore the queue items.

Other elements of the Print function are described in Printing from File Manager in the File Manager User’s Guide and Reference.

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