FM/CICS overview

FM/CICS is a powerful set of utility functions for editing, browsing, printing, and altering the status of CICS® resources. The CICS resources supported are files, temporary storage queues, transient data queues, and data tables. If you have the authority, you can also modify the status of the CICS resources. FM/CICS incorporates much of the functionality of File Manager Base component into the CICS environment.

FM/CICS uses IBM® ADFz Common Components to display panels on CICS with a similar capability to ISPF panels. FM/CICS panels allow you to select options and to specify parameters, commands, and program function (PF) keys to simplify requests for common functions. FM/CICS panels provide full-screen format for information display and editing.

The main functions provided by FM/CICS are:
  • The ability to view or edit CICS resources.
  • The ability to list CICS resources and change their status and attributes.
  • The ability to run the File Manager Base component under FM/CICS, hence using it without requiring ISPF. This includes the ability to use File Manager Base component tools and utilities against FM/CICS resources when running under FM/CICS.
  • The ability to run File Manager IMS Component (FM/IMS) under FM/CICS, using it without requiring ISPF.
The CICS resources that are supported are:
  • Files (VSAM and data tables only).
  • Temporary storage queues.
  • Transient data queues.