About this document

This document provides guidance and reference information for users of File Manager for CICS Component (FM/CICS).

File Manager for z/OS® contains four flavors of File Manager, for working in different environments or with different data formats:
  • FM/CICS for working with CICS® resources.
  • File Manager Base component for working with QSAM data sets, VSAM data sets, or PDS members
  • Db2 Component for working with Db2® data
  • IMS Component for working with IMS data

In addition, reference is made to the IBM® Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS® Common Components server (ADFzCC server).

This information is primarily focussed on the FM/CICS component and the differences between it and File Manager Base component. You should use this document in conjunction with the File Manager for z/OS User’s Guide and Reference.

This document is divided into three parts:

Part 1. Working with FM/CICS
Describes the key FM/CICS concepts and tasks.
Part 2. FM/CICS reference
Provides a lookup reference for FM/CICS panels, fields, and commands.
Part 3. Appendixes
This part contains the notices and index. The support information tells you about IBM Web sites that can help you answer questions and solve problems.
For more information about the File Manager Base component, FM/Db2, and FM/IMS components, see the following books:
  • File Manager for z/OS User’s Guide and Reference
  • File Manager User’s Guide and Reference for DB2 Data
  • File Manager User’s Guide and Reference for IMS Data