Maintaining your saved references – Reference list

Use the reference list to update, delete, or rename existing references. You can produce the reference list when you issue a GETREF command with a blank or generic reference name or a SAVEREF command with a generic reference name.

Figure 1. Reference List Panel
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 File Manager           DSM Function Reference List         Row 00001 of 00003

  Name     Description
  *        *                                                                  
  COMPARE1 compare for change fields on payroll data sets
  COMPARE2 compare for accounting data sets
  COMPARE3 compare for order processing
****  End of data  ****

Command ===>                                                        Scroll CSR 
Field Descriptions:
The name that is used to save the current field values for the function.
The description of the saved field values. To change the description, overtype the text in this field.
Line Commands:
S or /
Selects the reference for retrieval or to be replaced.
Renames the reference.
Deletes the reference.