Displaying data areas

When selecting address point-and-shoot fields from within the interactive reanalysis report, the result is generally the display of all available storage but with the selected address at offset 0. However, in some cases, where the address is associated with a data area of a given length, the resulting display initially shows only the storage for the implied length and with all storage prior to, or following, shown as "suppressed". An example of this is shown in Sample Dump Storage suppressed display.

Figure 1. Sample Dump Storage suppressed display
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Dump Storage                                                 17C01380-17C013D7
Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 
ShowAll - JOBNAME: IDCB0070  SYSTEM ABEND: 0CB            FAE1 2019/01/19

Address  Offset     Hex                                 EBCDIC /  ASCII     
         Address range 00000000-0001A01F suppressed
         PCB #1 - Start
0001A020            00400038 00010018 40404040 00000000 *. ......    ....*
0001A030       +10  008A1054 00000000 12A74084 C9D6D7C3 *.........x dIOPC*
0001A040       +20  C2404040 00000000 00000000 00000000 *B   ............*
0001A050       +30  00000000 0001A020                   *........        *
         Event 5 Program IDCB0070 BLL=00001
0001A058       +38                    40404040 40404040 *                *
0001A060       +40  10004040 0000000F 0000000F 00000000 *..  ............*
0001A070       +50  00000000 00000000 C4C6C8E2 C1D4F2F5 *........DFHSAM25*
0001A080       +60  40404040 40404040 00000000          *        ....    *
         PCB #1 - End
         Address range 0001A08C-FFFFFFFF_FFFFFFFF suppressed

To see all available storage, place the cursor on the ShowAll point-and-shoot field in the display title, and press Enter.

Alternatively, selecting any hexadecimal address point-and-shoot field results in all available storage being shown.

If the ShowAll method is used, then it is not possible to again suppress the surrounding storage, other than by pressing PF3 and reselecting the original address point-and-shoot field.

However, if an address is instead selected, then the address is stacked as per usual in the Dump Storage display, and if pressing PF10 until the original address is again displayed, the surrounding storage is again be suppressed. This is the case unless more than 10 subsequent addresses have been selected.