COBOL Explorer

COBOL Explorer uses the event source line to create a branch analysis that shows a procedure traceback and use of selected variables. References that modify selected variables are highlighted. This set includes modify by group or REDEFINES.

The traditional editor-based source program presentation is replaced by a collapsed or expanded source view where you see just the parts of the program that are relevant. This approach makes working with large COBOL programs a snap.

There are three ways to start COBOL Explorer:
  • From the point-and-shoot field that is in the Event Details display for a COBOL program event.
  • From the Services pull-down menu.
  • By entering the CE command anywhere during interactive reanalysis.
If you enter the CE command without a parameter, or start COBOL Explorer from the Services pull-down menu, a pop-up list is displayed. Select a program from the pop-up.