Primary option: Synopsis

Selecting the "Synopsis" option from the initial interactive report display, results in the display of the Synopsis section of the report, as the example shown in Sample Synopsis display.
Figure 1. Sample Synopsis display
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Synopsis                                                       Line 1 Col 1 80
Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 
JOBNAME: COBUNI    SYSTEM ABEND: 0C9            FAE1      2019/07/21  14:36:43

A system abend 0C9 occurred in module COBUNI program COBUNI at offset X'5C8'.

A program-interruption code 0009 (Fixed-Point-Divide Exception) is associated
with this abend and indicates that:

  The divisor was zero in a signed binary division.

The cause of the failure was program COBUNI in module COBUNI.  The COBOL source
code that immediately preceded the failure was:

  Line #
  000036            IF UTF-16 NOT EQUAL ' ' AND V1 / V2 > 0

The COBOL source code for data fields involved in the failure:

  Line #
  000018        01  UTF-16 PIC N(30) USAGE NATIONAL.
  000020        01  V1 PIC 9(9) BINARY VALUE 357.
  000021        01  V2 PIC 9(9) BINARY VALUE 0.

Data field values at time of abend:

  V1     = 357
  V2     = 0  *** Cause of error ***

*** Bottom of data.