Specifying an HFS file

An HFS file is identified by means of a path leading to it. File Manager requires an absolute path; file specification starts from the root. Paths are specified in the same fields and using the same batch parameters as z/OS® data sets. A name is considered a path name if contains a slash (/). A correct absolute path name must start with a slash, otherwise, it is treated as a data set name.

A path name is case-sensitive and can contain spaces, commas, and other special characters. In batch, the path name needs to be enclosed in single quotation marks. In fullscreen mode, use of apostrophes is optional.

File Manager allows for an absolute path name up to 255 characters long. Fields in panels dedicated for data set names can also carry path names. They are expandable and allow for long name specification. Also, the syntax used in batch allows for specification of path names, even if they do not fit into one line.

In batch, you can specify the path name with a PATH JCL parameter, and refer to it in File Manager control statements with a ddname. For a description of PATH and other path-related parameters, see the JCL manuals.

The following File Manager functions support HFS files:
  • Edit
  • View
  • Create (DSG)
  • Copy (DSC)
  • Print (DSP)
  • Compare (DSM)
  • DSEB (in Browse mode only)
  • Find (FCH)