Comparing HFS files

An HFS file can be compared to another HFS file or to an z/OS® data set. You can specify the Old or the New object (or both) as a path describing the file. The compare operation and options for an HFS file are the same as for a BSAM/QSAM data set and are as described in Comparing data sets.

A compared file can be interpreted as text or binary files. If the Binary mode option is not selected, text mode is assumed and records are determined by delimiters. If you select the Binary mode option, the records are determined by record size defined in reclen, or by the default, 80 bytes.

If you specify a path to an HFS directory as the Old or New file, the directory list is displayed (fullscreen mode). You ust select an HFS file from the list before the compare starts. The subjects of the compare are always files and data sets, not directories.

To display a pop-up window with the absolute path name (including the complete file name, which may be shortened on the list), position the cursor against the file name and press Enter.

You cannot specify a directory in batch.

The compare output does not differ significantly from the output produced when data sets are compared. The only difference is file is used instead of data set.