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Summary of changes
File Manager overview
Getting started with File Manager
Viewing and changing data sets
To view data stored in a supported data set, use the View Utility or the Edit Utility.
Creating and editing templates
For many tasks performed with File Manager, you can manipulate your view of a data set by applying a template.
Working with the Template List
Display a list of templates and perform actions on them.
Filtering records with templates
Managing data sets
Using File Manager utilities
Tape Specific Functions
Disk/VSAM Data Functions
OAM Functions
Using UNIX™ System Services and the Hierarchical File System
Introduction to programming with File Manager functions
Enhancing File Manager processing
You can enhance normal processing of a number of File Manager tasks by supplying a procedure that runs in conjunction with the File Manager process.
Redefines criteria
Redefines criteria can be specified for a field with a REDEFINES clause, or a field that is the target of a REDEFINES clause.
Enhanced ISPF: Reference List, Search, Change, and PDSE Workbench
File Manager provides several enhancements to the basic facilities that are available in an ISPF session: Enhanced Reference List, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Change, and PDSE Workbench.
File Manager Service Provider for z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition
File Manager Service Provider for IBM® z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition enables client applications to access IBM Z data sources using z/OS Connect.
Function and panel reference lists
Support resources
Accessibility features for File Manager
Accessibility features assist users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology content successfully.